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Lord Leopold Plumtree:  Oh! You have a Billiard Room?

Ollie as Colonel Buckshot:  Oh, sure...sure...

Lord Plumtree: I should love to see it.

Ollie:   (blinks in surprise, then chuckles goodnaturedly) Why, certainly...  If you'll just follow me...


Charming Visitor, so you won't find yourself wandering around this site, as you once did, wondering just where you are going, this Site Index has been added to assist your browsing enjoyment.  Does Lord have you looking iq option function high and low for that elusive Billiard Room as he did Ollie in "Another Fine Mess"?  Chances are you most likely won't find it here, but you are guaranteed to easily find everything that is here. 

...Now what DID I do with that Billiard Room?



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